Everything You Need To Know Before Buying A Laptop

Whatever You Like But You Have To Select Perfect & Suitable Laptop As Per Your Requirements.

Before Buying A Laptop You Have To Decide For What You’re Going To Use Your Laptop. So Let’s Take A Look On Different Types Of Laptops And Their Prices.

So Their Are Only 2 Types Of Laptops Windows And Mac, Article Over. LOL! Just Kidding There Are Lot Of Types In Laptops And We Are Going to Discuss All Types So You Can Select A Perfect One For Your Work.

So Let’s Take A Look On Types Of Laptops List

Different Types Of Laptops

  • Notebook (Normal Laptop)

Notebook (Source: Google)

Notebooks Are Generally Full Size Laptops. It Comes With All Price Range From Low-cost Budget Models To Highest-Performance Laptops With High-range Of Price.

It Comes With Lowest To Highest Processors It Depends On You And In Your Budget. Notebook Laptops Come  With Big Display Size And Large Storage Capacity.

  •  Netbook

Netbook (Source: Google)

Netbook Are Smaller In Size And Lightweight. You Can Carry In One Hand. Netbooks Are Low Expensive. It Comes With Low Performance Processors And Made Only Internet Surfing. You Can’t Run Games On Netbook Laptops.

Netbooks Are Similar To Chromebooks Small In Size But Chromebooks Provide Good Performance.

  • Ultraportable (Sub-Notebook)

Ultraportable Laptop (Source: Google)

Ultraportable’s Are Thin Smaller In Size And Lightweight Laptops. Ultraportable’s Are Designed For Mobility. But It Comes With Low Amount Of Ports And Doesn’t Content CD/DVD Drive. Because Of It’s Slim Design It Doesn’t Contain Heavy Processor.

  • Ultrabook

Ultrabook Laptop (Source: Google)

Ultrabook Is A Term Coined By Computer Chipmaker Intel For A Special Type Of Ultraportable Notebook (Hence Ultrabook). Ultrabooks Must Meet Specific Criteria For Various Things Such As Size/Weight, Battery Life, Type Of Chipset (Including Built-in Security Features). Among Their Strong Points Is Strong Security And Anti-theft Protection Built In At The Hardware Level.  

Apple Created Macbook Air After Getting Inspired By Ultrabook.

  • Convertible (2-in-1)

Convertible Laptop (Source: Google)

Convertible Laptops Comes With The Combination Of Laptop And Tablet. You Can Use It As Per Your Requirements. 

You Can Switch To Touch Screen Tablet From Keyboard Laptop Quickly. Convertible Laptops Comes With  Attach And Detach The Display, Sliding, Folding, Twisting Mechanism. Most Of The Models Are Now Available  As Fold-back Because It Looks Pretty Good And Also It’s Easy To Use.

  • Macbook

Macbook (Source: Google)

Macbook Is A Laptop  Which Is Developed By Apple. Apple Make 2 Types Of Laptops An Ultra Thin Macbook Air And High -performance Laptop Macbook Pro. Personally I Love Apple’s Macbook Air Because Of It’s Lightweight Thin Design And Good Performance. Macbook Is Best For Official Work. It Comes With 13inch And 16inch Display. And It Runs Only Mac OS Operating System.

  • Chromebook

Chromebook (Source: Google)

Chromebooks Are Also A Good Option For Typing Work. Chromebooks Run Chrome OS Similar To Android But Actually It Is Based On Linux Operating System. Chromebooks Are Made For Working With Web Apps And It Doesn’t Come With Large Storage Capacity So You Have To Use Cloud Storage If You’re Going To Buy Chromebook But Chromebooks Are Designed Lightweight And Thin And Also It Can Run Android Apps. It’s Cool.

  • Tablet As A Laptop

Tablet As A Laptop (Source: Google)

Tablets Such As The Ipad And Ipad Pro Also Have Optional Detachable Keyboards And Can Be Used As A Laptop, Though They Use Apple’s iPad os Mobile Operating System And Work Best With Apps That Support Laptop Functionality. Samsung Also Has Several Tablets That Can Add An Optional Keyboard To Work As A Laptop, Using Either Windows Or Android OS Depending On The Model. 

Different Ranges Of Laptop

  • Entry-Level

Entry-level Laptops Are Cheapest One With Low Configuration. Entry-level Laptops Doesn’t Have High Specifications And You Can’t Do Editing Work And Can’t Play High Graphics Games In This Laptops. You Can Use It For Basic Work Only Like Typing, Using MS Office And All. You Can Buy Entry-level Laptop From Around $300 To $500 USD.

  • Mid-Range

You Can Play Some Basic Games In Mid-range Laptops And Also Can Run Some Basic Editing Softwares Like Wondershare Filmora And Windows Movies. Ultraportable And Some Ultrabooks Are Decided As Mid-Range Laptops Because Of Lightweight Design And Bit High-end Functions.

Mid-Range Laptops Can Run Most Of The Softwares And Some Of The Popular Games.

  • High-end

If You Want A Laptop Which Can Do Your All Task Then You Can Go With High-end Laptops. But High-end Laptops Are Bit Heavy In Weight And Large In Size. High-end Laptop Are Same Like Powerful Desktop  Computer. And It Can Run All The Games And All Softwares.

High-end Laptops Are Also Called As Gaming Laptop.

Extra Things You Need To Check Before Buying Laptop

In Extra You Need To Check Laptop Ports I Prefer To Have At least One USB 3.0 Port In Your Laptop Because USB 3.0 Provides Good Data Transfer Speed. Also You Have To Check Battery Backup And Processor Generation And Ghz. Also If A Laptop Have Thunderbolt 3 Port Then Select It First And Also Select Type C Charging Port Laptop Because Type-C Provides Fast Charging Speed.

Avoid Cheap Third-party Chargers


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