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So Here Is Another Useful Article On MS Office OneNote 2019 Shortcut Keys. Shortcuts Keys Are Much More Useful To Work Faster. If You Have Perfect Knowledge About All Shortcut Codes Then I Am Damn Sure You Don’t Need To Use A Mouse. You Can Do All Your Work With Keyboard.

So Today Here I Will Prefer You To Learn And Use Keyboard Shortcuts As More As You Can It Will Improve Your Work Speed By 10x.

Microsoft Office OneNote Keyboard Shortcuts All
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Also I Will Provide You MS OneNote Shortcuts Keys PDF 2021 And IT Will Be Helpful For You PrintOut That PDF And Stick It On Your Desk So You Can See It Easily If You Forget Any Shortcut Code.

Also We Will See How To Enable Smart Lookup In MS OneNote. Ms Office’s Smart Lookup Feature Will Helps You To Do Research While You’re Working. For Example…

What Is Smart Lookup In OneNote ?

While Typing If You Want To Know About Any OneNote You Can Just Select That OneNote And Menu A Bar Will Appear Select Smart Lookup From Menu Bar It And It Will Show All The Details About That OneNote In Right Side Panel. Smart Lookup Uses Microsoft’s Bing Search Engine To Do Research On OneNote Or Image.

Common Shortcut Keys Of MS Office :-

There Are Some Common Shortcut Keys Which Are Same In All Most All MS Office Softwares Like OneNote, OneNote, Powerpoint And Other MS Office Apps. Also Those Common Keys Are Almost Same In All Other Softwares Like In Adobe Apps And Also In Filmora And Other Video And Photo Editing Softwares.

List Of Common Shortcut Keys :-

Bold Selected Text Ctrl + B
Italic Selected Text Ctrl + I
Underline Selected Text Ctrl + U
Copy Selected Text Ctrl + C
Cut Selected Text Ctrl + X
Paste Copy Or Cut Text  Ctrl + V
Undo Last Action Ctrl + Z
Redo Last Action Ctrl + Y
Decrease Font Size One Point Ctrl + Shift + <
Increase Font Size One Point Ctrl + Shift + >
Remove Character Formatting Ctrl + Spacebar
Create A Non-Breaking Space Ctrl +Shift + Spacebar
Go To Start Of The Document Ctrl + Home
Go To End Of The Document Ctrl + End
Open Other Document Ctrl + O
Create A New Document Ctrl + N
Save Document Ctrl + S

Function Key Shortcuts In MS OneNote :-

So The Keys From F1 To F12 Is Known As Function Keys It Works Different In Every Software Also In Windows.

So Here Is The List Of The Function Keys In MS OneNote 2019

Access Online Help F1
Move Text Or Graphics F2
Insert AutoText Entry(After OneNote Displays Entry) F3
Repeat The Last Action F4
Choose The Go To Command(Edit Menu) F5
Go To Next Frame F6
Launch Spelling And Grammar Check F7
Extend A Selection F8
Update Selected Fields F9
Activate The Menu Bar F10
Go To The Next Field F11
Open Save As Menu F12

Function Keys With Shift Shortcut Keys :-

So Here Is The Actions OF Function Keys With Shift Key

List Of Actions Of Shift + Function Keys :-

Start Context Help Or Reveal Formatting Shift + F1
Copy Selected Text Shift + F2
Change The Case Of Letters(Capital/Small) Shift + F3
Repeat A Find Or Go To Action Shift + F4
Move To A Previous Action  Shift + F5
Go To The Previous Pane Or Frame Shift + F6
Tools Menu, Language Submenu Shift + F7
Shrink A Selection Shift + F8
Switch Between A Field Code And It’s Result Shift + F9
Display A Shortcut Menu  Shift + F10
Go To The Previous Field Shift + F11
Choose The Save Command(File Menu) Shift + F12

Ctrl + Function Keys Shortcut Keys Actions :-

Also You Can Use Function Keys With Control Key For Different Actions. Just Like There Is Different Actions When You Press Only Function Key And Different Actions When You Use Function Keys With Control Key. Just Like That There Is Different Actions On Using Function Keys With Control Key.

Here Is The List Of Actions When You Use Function Keys With Control Key :-

Print Preview (File Menu) Ctrl + F2
Close The Window Ctrl + F4
Restore The Document Window Size Ctrl + F5
Go To The Next Window Ctrl + F6
Maximize The Document Window Ctrl + F10
Open Command (File Menu) Ctrl + F12

Ctrl + Shift + Function Key Actions :-

Here Is The List Of Actions When You Use Ctrl + Shift + Function Keys Together.

Here Is The List Of Actions When You Press Ctrl + Shift + Function Keys :-

Edit A Bookmark Ctrl + Shift + F5 
Go To The Previous Window Ctrl + Shift + F6
Update Linked Information Ctrl + Shift + F7
Extend A Selection Or Block Ctrl + Shift + F8
Activate The Ruler Ctrl + Shift + F10
Choose The Print Command (File Menu) Ctrl + Shift + F12

Alt + Function Keys Actions :-

There Are Different Actions When You Use Function Keys With Alt Key So Is The List Of Actions SoThat You Can Know Each And Every Key Functions.

List Of Actions When You Press Alt + Function Keys :-

Go To The Next Field Alt + F1
Create An AutoText Entry Alt + F3
Exit From MS OneNote Alt + F4
Restore The Program Window Size Alt + F5
Run A Macro Alt + F8
Switch Between All Field Codes Alt + F9
Maximize The Program Window Alt + F10

All Shortcut Keys Of MS OneNote 2019 :-

Cut Selected Text Ctrl + X
Copy Selected Text Ctrl + C
Paste Selected Text Ctrl + V
Undo Last Action Ctrl + Z
Redo Last Action Ctrl + Y
New Document Ctrl + N
Open Document Ctrl + O
Print Document  Ctrl + P
Select All Ctrl + A
Find Any OneNote Ctrl + F
Replace Any OneNote Ctrl + H
Go To Ctrl + G
Paragraph Up Ctrl + Up Arrow
Paragraph Down Ctrl + Down Arrow
Go To The OneNote To The Left Ctrl + Left Arrow
Go To The OneNote To The Right Ctrl + Right Arrow

Heading Shortcut Keys In MS OneNote :-

Heading 1 Alt + Ctrl + 1
Heading 2 Alt + Ctrl + 2
Heading 3 Alt + Ctrl + 3
Heading 4 Alt + Ctrl + 4
Heading 5 Alt + Ctrl + 5
Heading 6 Alt + Ctrl + 6
Paragraph  Alt + Ctrl + 7

Paragraph Format Shortcut Keys :-

Align Center Ctrl + E
Align Left  Ctrl + L
Align Right Ctrl + R
Justify  Ctrl + J

MS OneNote 2019 Shortcut Keys PDF :-

So Here Is The PDF File As I Promised I Am Providing So That You Can Print It On A Paper And Stick It On Your Desk. Download PDF File From Below.

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