Differences Between Android & iPhone Smartphones | Android v/s iPhone

Nowadays Everyone Is Confused On This Topic That Which Is Better iPhone Or Android And Maybe You’re Too. It’s Little Bit Confusing Topic iPhone Have Better Camera Result And Performance Where Android Provides Best Battery Life And Lot’s Of Free Stuff On Play Store. And I Don’t Think This Debate Is Going To End. Because Every Year iPhone And Android Both Are Improving A Lot.

Personally I Used Both iPhone And Android So I Know Better That Which One Is Best And I Am Going To Share My Real Life Experience With You. So Let’s Get Started And Move To Our Today’s Topic Difference Between iOS And Android Development.

Media Files Cannot Be Transferred Easily From iPhone

Transferring Media Files From Android Device Is Much Easy Just Select File Copy It And Paste It To Your Windows PC’s Directory. Where iPhone Don’t Show Directories So You Can’t Copy Paste Media Files From iPhone To PC And PC To iPhone. You Need iTunes Software To Add Items From PC To iPhone And Also It Have Many Restrictions Like Many Media Files Are Not Supported In iPhone Like .MOV, .MKV.

No Back Button On iPhone

Biggest Issue If You Have Switched From Android To iPhone Recently Then You Will Forget Many Times That Your iPhone Doesn’t Have Back Button LOL. iPhone Provides Swipe Gestures Or Option In App To Go Back And In This Topic Android’s Back Buttons Are More Comfortable Than iPhone.

Software Updates On iPhone Are Regular And Better Than Android Devices

 Provides Upto 5 Major Updates In All Devices Where Android Provides Only 1 Or 2 Major Updates. And We Don’t Need To Jailbreak Device To Update Because iPhone Gets Updates Regularly From Manufacturer. And Android Doesn’t Give This Much Software Updates To Their Customers. That’s Why Here  Is Much Better Than Android.

iOS Is Secure OS Where Android Is Open Source

Android Is Open Source OS It Doesn’t Provide Much Powerful Security To Users But iOS Is One Of The Most Secure OS. No One Can Modify Or Do Changes In iOS Operating System. Most Of The Apps Run On iOS Are Strictly Controlled By Apple. On Android You Can Download Apps From Some Websites If The App Is Banned Or Not Available On Google Play Store And Maybe It May Contain Virus Or It Can Leak Your Personal Data. But In iOS You Can’t Download App From Any Website You Can Download Apps From  App Store Only.

iPhones Do Not Offer Expandable Storage

If You Have Android Device And If Your Internal Storage Is Full Then You Can Insert SD Card And Expand Your Storage But IF You Have iPhone Then You Can’t Do This Because Apple Doesn’t Provide SD Card Slot In iPhones LOL. It’s Because Of Safety Purpose. Maybe Your External Storage May Contain Some Antivirus And It Can Defect Your Device’s Software That’s Why iPhone Don’t Offer Expandable Storage.

So This Are Main Differences Between iPhone And Android And In My Opinion If You’re Student Then You Need To Go With Android And If You’re Running Business Or Have Job Then You Can Go With iPhone.

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